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PATH TO PURPOSE. How to use cause marketing to build a more meaningful and profitable brand



Path to Purpose is Australia’s first book on cause marketing. Drawing on her 30-year international career working with some of the world’s best brands, Carolyn Butler-Madden shows business leaders and marketers how they can do well by doing good.

More about this book

‘…an astute and compelling perspective to why cause-driven business is good business… and how businesses that engage authentically with audiences through shared values can build and accelerate their brands in the process.’ – David Redhill, Partner, Global CMO, Deloitte Consulting


‘Path to Purpose [is] so incredibly valuable for anyone wanting to build a powerful brand in the modern world.’ – Andrew Griffiths, International Bestselling Author and Global Presenter


‘Brands that just say and pray are the brands of the past. Brands that ‘do ’ around a clearly defined purpose are the growth engines of the future.’ – David Fox, CEO, Ogilvy Group Australia


Marketers and leaders recognise that developing an authentic purpose helps to build a stronger brand that attracts followers and collaborators, rather than just customers and consumers.

In a world that needs solutions, people increasingly look towards businesses and their brands to help solve society’s problems.

In Australia’s first book on cause marketing, readers will discover:

  • Why doing good is good for business
  • The science behind cause marketing
  • Fourteen real-life examples of world-class cause marketing strategies from Pampers, Patagonia, Dulux, Virgin Mobile, ANZ, Zambrero, REI and more
  • A simple six-step methodology to develop and implement a powerful and authentic cause marketing approach for your brand.


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