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Carolyn Butler-Madden

Author  |  Speaker  | Podcaster | Purpose Activist

I’m available to speak on a range of themes linked to purpose, social purpose and business as a force for good.


I’m passionate about this topic. The whole point of speaking for me is to inspire others to embrace purpose in their business and their lives. I’m on a mission to accelerate this movement of business as a force for good. 


When I speak on this subject, my mantra is “profit with purpose”. I inspire my audience by sharing stories, but I also give confidence by sharing the commercial impact of purpose-driven businesses and brands.

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Based on my new book and podcast FOR LOVE & MONEY.

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Carolyn has written for CMO Magazine, Marketing, The Ethical Publishers Association and B&T and has been interviewed on a number of podcasts in Australia, the UK and the USA.

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Podcast Guest Interviews


Brand Purpose Strategy with Carolyn Butler-Madden the Chief Purpose Activist at The Cause Effect - Episode 124

Catch Up Over Coffee with 

James Michael

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.08.36

The Kings of Cause Marketing & Why Turning Everything Pink Was A Bad Move

Episode 79. Cause Marketing, Social Change and the Benefits in Taking a Stand


Episode 149. Do Well In Your Business By Doing Well In The World


Toxic Masculinity & Marketing With Carolyn Butler-Madden

How ethical do businesses need to be?

Can businesses use the power of marketing to promote positive social change? Should they bother? And what's in it for them? This week, we speak with author of Path To Purpose and founder of The Cause Effect, cause-led marketing pioneer Carolyn Butler Madden.


What’s your Mission? Connecting to a Cause – Ep 98 with Carolyn Butler Madden

E004 How To Use Cause-Led Marketing To Develop A Meaningful Brand

Hear cause-led branding expert Carolyn Butler-Madden share great tips, great statistics and insights on how to develop a meaningful brand that both drives profits and has social impact.

Episode 2,Beyond Marketing 

"If 75% of brands disappeared tomorrow no one would care." Carolyn Butler Madden is unapologetic about her position on the state of Australian and Global Brands....this week on Beyond Ideas - We go Beyond Branding and look at Cause Marketing.

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Work Alchemy, Episode 106

Carolyn Butler-Madden

Cause marketing expert, entrepreneur and author Carolyn Butler-Madden helps brands drive profit through purpose. She sees business and marketing as a potential force for good in the world. The conversation delving deep into how profit and purpose can combine for the good of all.

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