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Carolyn Butler-Madden

Author  |  Speaker  |  Brand Purpose Activist

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How to use cause marketing to
build a more meaningful and profitable brand


If you're a business leader or senior marketer navigating the purpose maze, Path to Purpose will unlock the secrets of brands that are doing well by doing good. 

In Australia's first book on cause marketing, discover:

  • Why doing good is good for business

  • The science behind cause marketing

  • Fourteen real-life examples of world-class cause marketing strategies from Pampers, Patagonia, Dulux, Virgin Mobile, ANZ, Zambrero, REI and more.

  • A simple six-step methodology to develop and implement a powerful and authentic cause marketing approach for your brand.

This book addresses three common problems facing many business leaders and brand marketers today.

1. Lack of a compelling brand proposition 

In today's media-fractured environment, it is becoming more and more difficult to seize the attention of consumers. If your brand doesn't have a compelling brand proposition, then it doesn't stand for anything in the hearts and minds of consumers. As a result there's little reason for consumers to choose your brand over your competitors.

2. Lack of short-term sales

The number crunchers are on your back and you're likely in a cycle of pricing or value offers. This is eroding your brand value and making it difficult to build a brand of any substance.

3. People and culture

Fast becoming recognised as a crucial part of the marketing mix, most CEOs and CMOs realise that a disengaged workforce will affect customer experience, making it increasingly harder to deliver a believable brand promise.

Cause marketing is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate a brand, increase sales, inspire & unify staff AND create social impact, but so many businesses don’t know about it and even when they do, they don’t know how to approach it and they’re fearful about getting it wrong.

Path to Purpose takes the fear out of cause marketing. By showcasing a wide range of examples of brands doing well by doing good, the book offers plenty of inspiration. Backed up with a simple and clear methodology to optimising a cause marketing approach, it arms the reader with the key information they need to unlock the full value of a cause marketing strategy.

Path To Purpose is available for purchase here on this site. It is also available at most major online book retailers, including Amazon, as paperback or Kindle version.


"Early in Carolyn Butler-Madden’s Path to Purpose, the author reflects on a simple human truth: that we all want to contribute positively to this world. “We just need to be shown a way that we can do it easily.” The book that follows is a refreshingly straightforward almanac of great value to any business seeking to align its strategy with its raison d’etre, while making it easy for audiences to jump aboard.
Butler-Madden brings an astute and compelling perspective to why cause-driven business is good business, why ethics are an increasingly critical factor in corporate success, and how businesses that engage authentically with audiences through shared values can build and accelerate their brands in the process.
The well-researched blend of international and Australian cases featured is impressive for the fact that despite the variety of causes pursued – diversity, gender equality, fair trade, cancer research world hunger, refugee support, and others – there are some universal principles at work behind purpose-driven businesses.
From Cricket Australia’s Pink Test to Allstate’s Purple Purse program, from Patagonia to Pampers, Path to Purpose reveals the galvanizing energy of cause marketing. It also supports the proposition that brand-building actually becomes easier when purpose-driven, with so many willing audience participants motivated by the desire to participate.


To Marketing 101’s hackneyed ‘Seven P’s’, Butler-Madden’s book implies we must now add an eighth: Purpose, the most critical driver of corporate sustainability and success. As the author notes: “Marketers need to think less about what their brands can say about themselves, and more about what their brands can do for the world we live in.” Amen to that."


David Redhill

Partner, Global CMO Deloitte Consulting

"We live in a world craving meaningful connection that comes from meaningful communication. Carolyn Butler-Madden understands this better than most and that’s what makes her exceptional book, Path to Purpose, so incredibly valuable for anyone wanting to build a powerful brand in the modern world.”


Andrew Griffiths,

International Bestselling Speaker, Global Presenter, Media Commentator.

"An ever increasing number of brands are linking purchase to purpose. They are understanding that when their brand plays a more meaningful role in society it unites people towards their brands in a truly positive and profitable way. Brands that just say and pray are the brands of the past. Brands that ‘do’ around a clearly defined purpose are the growth engines of the future."


David Fox

Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy Group Australia

"Path to Purpose is a great addition to the small library of books containing the insights professionals need to create initiatives that successfully do well by doing good. It’s especially exciting to have access to its collection of Australian case studies.  Bravo and thanks Carolyn Butler-Madden!"


David Hessekiel

Founder and President Cause Marketing Forum, Inc.

"I'm a believer in the power of local communities and social movements to change the world. Every now and again you get the chance to meet and work with people who you know are going to lead this change in a new and exciting direction. Carolyn is not just a believer, she's out there leading the charge of an exciting movement where people and brands do well by doing good. This book is for anyone who believes that passion and authenticity don’t just have a role, but should be centre stage in business."


Graham West

National President St Vincent de Paul Society, Honorary Fellow Macquarie University and NFP consultant.

“Carolyn’s passion for purpose marketing shines through clearly in this text.  She is not only a believer but an experienced practitioner in this area and has been able to share this passion in clearly laid out chapters with tips and hints and invaluable case studies.  Through experience working with Carolyn I know that she puts these words into action in her work.  This book is a must read for modern marketers looking for authentic and enduring relationships with their customers.”  


Mark Leathan

Product, Brand & Communication Marketing Specialist

“We can transform our simple purchase act into a power of good: By choosing a brand that leverages its marketing muscles and social media outreach to make a positive impact to social and environmental issues. This in turn creates more connections with the brand and more business.

Winning brands will be the ones that can do good while doing well.”


Nada Dugas

Senior Communication Executive, Public-Private Partnerships builder

"I think that business leaders actually already know that 'purpose' is an imperative.  In my job though, I see them struggle constantly with the practicalities of implementing a purpose-led business strategy.  Path to Purpose provides a valuable roadmap with real life examples.  This book is just the right mix of goose-bumps and data to help business understand how leading world-change can also pay a handsome return."  


Steve Matthews

Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy Manager at Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

"Path to Purpose is a great book that is both educational and inspirational. Not only does it cover all the basics of cause marketing, but it shares many examples of the practice that are sure to inspire you. This slim book is a wonderful read, and is packed with everything you need to change the world AND grow your business.

I highly recommend it!

Joe Waters, Founder & Blogger, Selfish Giving


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